“Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures”……Ralph Waldo Emerson….
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In the arms of nature- Breda, Netherlands

In an age and at a time when everyone gets into the rat race from the time life sparks, trying to fit into the box and to set a mark in life ,very few are fortunate, to halt and give an ear, to the yearning heart. From being a conscientious child to being a working woman to being a dotting mother I tried it all . Perfection was the mantra but finally it was in moments of imperfection, that true bliss poured in.

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I left our country for better prospects , travelled extensively across the globe none of which was on the cards. Only all that was there on the agenda seemed to be lost somewhere. The unexpected twists and turns that life offered made me feel like a terrified child in a roller coaster who had the sensibility to not jump out but to wait for the ride to be over.

Juggling between the roles of a wife ,mother and working woman I did not have the luxury to mourn the loss of my first love( for books and dance) but one thing that I missed most during this roller coaster was my association with dance and books. Like they say distance is to love what wind is to fire it extinguishes the small but inflames the great. My love for dance and books was great, it made me yearn for it everyday.

I finally quit my job as a special needs/ psychology professional. I am glad I did halt for a while. Finally “I ” was born with a fully functioning software within that could reason independent of the shadow cast by the standards set by society, race, community or religion. During this journey devoid of friends and away from family it was books that kept me connected to my human conscience and dance filled in me energy like that of a freshly brewed coffee.

The Taj Mahal- Agra

I am thrilled on having come up to the expectations like getting married at an age labelled as desirable by a society (that is considered to have more than hundred years old civilization), being a mom at a ideal time gap after marriage (surpassing which means raised eyebrows, uncomfortable questions and hush hush gossips even amongst neighbour whose name you probably don’t know.

A great sense of relief to have finally emerged from under the veil of societal expectations. As I donned the cap of an educator, Counselor, writer ,dancer and interviewer I have learnt that what you see depends not only on what you look at but also on where you look at it from and just one angle does not show the complete picture.

During the workshop for Parents of children with Learning Disabilities

It has made me wiser,bolder and calmer .

I am here to share with you these treasures as I believe it will do to you what it did to me “propelled me(kicked) by the head and calmed me by my heart” .

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